Signature Assignment – Leader Interview and Synthesis


Interview a leader in your organization or another organization.  Include the following questions in your interview. You must include the interviewee’s responses, citing the responses as a personal communication per the APA manual. You can add additional questions of your own if you choose. What can leaders do to inspire teams to perform at their best? What challenges do you face in maximizing team performance? What do you do to alleviate these challenges? What are the top 5 leadership skills for successfully building and leading teams? How do excellent leaders develop followership? What are some important decision-making strategies that leaders might use? Which of these strategies do you feel is most effective and why? What are some ethical concerns faced by leaders? How might you deal with these ethical concerns? Write a 350- to 500-word synthesized discussion on team leadership based on this week’s readings and your interview.   Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed resources. You may use your textbook or the selected resources from the University Library. Do not limit yourself to the selected resources as the University Library has a wealth of peer-reviewed sources for your research.   Format your paper according to APA guidelines using the APA Paper Template.   Include APA-formatted in-text citations and a title page. Attached Leader Interview.pdf ( this is the interview with Crystal Lopez ) week’s readings.pdf ( this is the readings referenced in the instructions )Leader Interview weeks readings

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Signature Assignment – Leader Interview and Synthesis
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