Secular and religious humanist


Format: 1200-1500 words, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, page numbers on the bottom right, 1” margins, left justified text, MLA integrated title (i.e., no cover page). Your essay must follow this exact structure: Introduction Paragraph: 1. Thesis Statement: a paragraph that summarizes the main point of your essay. In this case you present a brief (abbreviated) exposition of your position as to whether or not religious and secular humanisms are reconcilable. 2. Description of the Structure: describe the structure of your essay; tell the reader what they should expect. Inform the reader as to the order in which you will present the humanist worldviews and the themes you will be discussing relative to each worldview so as to demonstrate the similarities and the differences. Body Paragraphs: Paragraph 1: Religious Worldview (Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr.): choose three themes that you want to discuss. Each of these themes should serve to answer the main questions, the compatibility, or lack thereof, between religious and secular humanism. The same three themes should be used to discuss both worldviews. This paragraph will use the research about their worldview to describes the way each theme relates to their humanism. Remember that you are required to name your source(s) for that information in proper MLA format. Here is an example of what body paragraphs should consist of. These are not the themes that you must use, but you are free to use them if you wish: 2       Body Paragraph 1: Religious Worldview (for example, Martin Luther King, Jr.) First Theme: God a.) Evidence/Example 1 (MLA) b.) Evidence/Example 2 (MLA) Second Theme: Freedom a.) Evidence/Example 1 (MLA) b.) Evidence/Example 2 (MLA) Third Theme: Justice a.) Evidence/Example 1 (MLA) b.) Evidence/Example 2 (MLA) Paragraph 2: Secular Worldview (choose Russell or Marx): follows the same structure as above in Body Paragraph 1 except it will present the opposing secular worldview. Use the same three themes that you discussed regarding the religious worldview. Develop your ideas in the same way as discussed and demonstrated above for the religious worldview. Paragraph 3: Compare the two worldviews: draw your conclusions as to the differences and the similarities between the two worldviews. Again, use the same three themes and include two supporting reasons per theme pointing to the similarities and differences between the two thinkers. This is where you say whether or not their worldviews are at all reconcilable. You will not need to rely on your academic sources as much in this section as this section is made up of your critical argument. This section should demonstrate a clearly-structured argument using solid logic. 3. Conclusion: This section should serve to remind the reader of the point of the essay and to show that you have done what you said you would do in the Introduction. ^ | Tried to follow these but this was my teachers feedback That being said, please strive to write more economically–use less words and be more direct so there is less confusion. Your third source is very contemporary and, unless it is used only as an example in your paper, you will need more academic sources. Please include required readings from the course. Finally, your introduction is too long. It needs only three parts: an opening sentence, your thesis statement, and a short summary of what will be in the essay. I strongly suggest that you remove about 90% of the text in your introduction since it’s very unclear as it stands now, and is unnecessary for this type of assignment.   Can someone help?

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Secular and religious humanist
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