Plant Medicine Vs Synthetic drugs


Your project is a research paper. As such, you will need to search for, and use an assortment of scholarly articles as your source material from which you write your paper.  Acceptable references include journal articles and scholarly books on your topic.  You may not use Wikipedia as a source, nor may you use your class textbook or lab manual.  Your references need to be sources outside of the texts that you use for class and lab.  You need a minimum of 5 references. More references (and thus more source information) will make your paper better. Formatting should in APA style. It should be double-spaced, using a standard 12 point font (Times New Roman, Geneva or similar) with 1-inch margins. Make sure to include in-text citations of your sources.  That is, when you use information from one of your sources, cite the source in the text of the paper.  This is the standard way to write a research paper so that the reader can easily source information presented in your paper to the reference that it came from.  The last page of the paper should be a references section where you provide the complete citation for each reference that you use. Length of the paper should be in the 7-9 page range.  You should organize your paper such that the first page or so introduces your topic, the middle 5-6 pages cover the core of your research, and you tie everything together in a 1-2 page conclusions section at the end.

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Plant Medicine Vs Synthetic drugs
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