Journal and promote


Journals & promotes Please watch the video attached and read the Sensegiving, Leadership, and Nonprofit Crises file uploaded and answer the questions for each one here is the question’s;   Video link is:       A)For each article/chapter assigned (distributed throughout the semester and assigned to in-class topics, or discussion boards), add an entry into your journal that responds to the following prompts: • What new information did you gain from reading this document (or reviewing a presentation/website) for class? • What did you already understand about the subject before finishing the assigned content? • Are you able to apply the content to your workplace or volunteer experiences? How? If not, why not? • What, if any, new applications can you make to your workplace or volunteer experiences?   b) For this Journals you have a specific prompt to address in a brief essay for that segment of the class (assume 250 words at a minimum).     At the end of the paper you should answer the prompts:     Prompt: Draw upon course material to date to analyze a situation in your organization that you would define as a ‘failure of leadership’. Explain the situation and defend your assessment that it reflected a ‘failure of leadership’. What roles might barriers to communication or individual/group motivation have played in the situation that you identify? What would you recommend as a counter-strategy?   Please use the video and article attached sources as main source and cite them.

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Journal and promote
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