Federal Government


Discuss the decision-making process of the Supreme Court. Discuss how the Supreme Court decides on cases. What do they do after they make a decision? This assignment consists of producing an essay of at least 600 words (this is not a mandatory word count but an estimate of the minimum needed to properly complete the assignment) on the provided lesson topics, as well as a title page and works cited page with at least three sources (your textbook and two outside sources) containing information used in the essay.  The assignment is to be formatted according to the American Psychological Association (APA Guide) style.  You should use Arial or Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spacing, and one inch margins on all four sides of the paper. Papers not formatted properly or with grammatical or spelling errors will lose points.  Please use the attached documents as reference. These pages are from SITE this as one of the three sources Barbour, Christine. AmGov: Long Story Short, 2019, CQ Press.

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Federal Government
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