Animal ethics


You are required to perform FIVE primary tasks. You are expected to do the following: 1. to choose a particular ethical issue that is currently affecting contemporary society.  “ANIMAL ETHICS” 2. to demonstrate an understanding of the problems and complexities of the particular moral issue you have chosen. 3. to identify and explain the structure and substance of the arguments presented in your primary article. In other words, you are to illustrate how the thinker(s) arrived at their conclusions. Ultimately, you are to do this by showing that you have mastered their ideas. 4. to identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments and ideas assert ed in your articles by referring to the moral philosophical theories discussed in the first part of the course. 5. When exploring and answering your chosen topic, it is NECESSARY to keep in mind of the following: a. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments and ideas asserted in the reading material. b. Offer your insights on the issues by presenting clear and systematic arguments by referring to course material and your two permitted secondary sources. c. Explain why you are, or are not, convinced by the thinker using your own supporting evidence/arguments or internal evidence from the article itself. d. Explain why the thinker’s or thinkers’ idea(s) might provoke controversy. e. Explore the significance and implications of the thinker’s or thinkers’ idea(s), and discuss what can be learned by these idea(s).

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