Video Game Addiction


Choose a current social issue impacting our daily lives. For example, in the article The Flight from Conversation (NY Times), you read about how we are forgetting how to communicate with one another due to our technological addictions. As technology seems to be a part of every course, how do you feel about SPECIFIC advances you see being made? (You can focus on something recent like the Apple watch or something from history even—but make it original!) You could also choose to explore a social issue like video game addiction or introversion (If you like Psychology these are good examples to start with.) From there you will explore how this issue can be improved or what you think we should be doing to address it. (Hint: Sources might include news, video, interviews, podcasts) You will use an array of sources to support your own original argument on the topic. Your topic must be approved by the instructor! Step One: Developing a research topic Start by making a list of questions. You should be able to answer each question with an argument (an opinion that you support with evidence). Your questions should not be yes/no questions, or questions that may be answered with just one word. Some examples:  How does this issue impact individuals? Societies? The world?  What are potential benefits or drawbacks of the issue?  What was life like before it was an issue?  How has it changed the way people ____________  How will the issue continue to evolve?  Will it ever become a non-issue? Explain and support. Step Two: Research (databases and information literacy) Once you have selected one specific question, you will conduct research which informs and shapes your argument to this question. You must select, read, analyze, and cite from at least three different sources within your essay. Select three from the following types of sources: a. Academic article on the issue that you are dealing with. The article should be relevant, interesting, and useful. It should help you better understand the issues you are dealing with. Don’t just print the first one that you see. Also, if they don’t have footnotes or endnotes, or do not show that they’ve been Peer Reviewed at the end, they aren’t academic. (Use the library’s databases and you should be fine).  You might try searching the databases by subject, and see what you can find in the technology database, the sociology database, the psychology database, or even the history database. b. Article from the lay press about the topic (this means any non-scholarly print source such as Time Magazine or the New York Times). Notice there is a Newsstand database.  For example, you’re writing about your experience in the military and the Iraq war where you used some stealth technology. You might find an article in Time Magazine about political views on the use of technology or a soldier’s experience. c. Literary piece dealing with the issue. This may be a text or film (including a documentary.) Final Research Paper CSK77 Section XX Fall 2018 Semester Professor NAME  For example, you write about the evolution of Facebook and how it has affected societies around the world, you can use the movie The Social Network. Step Three: Essay Outline due xx/xx/2018 You will write an outline which consists of the thesis statement (your argument) and three topic sentences (the first sentence of each body paragraph). Your outline will serve as a map to guide you as you write the first draft of your essay. You may find that you wish to modify your thesis statement and topic sentences as you progress through the writing process. This is perfectly fine. Your outline is a work in progress and should not be considered as a final version. Step Four: Draft One of Essay (send to Write Aid or in person with CAS) due xx/xx/2018 You will write a five paragraph essay that begins with an introduction (containing a thesis statement, also known as your argument); contains at least three body paragraphs; and finishes with a conclusion. Your essay will analyze and cite from the three sources you have selected. These sources will support your argument. Your essay must be in APA format with a properly formatted reference list. Sample APA paper can be found here: Step Five: Tutoring and Revisions Submitting drafts are an important part of the writing and research process. The feedback you receive from CAS tutors in person or Write Aid online will be a major part of revisions that you need to make in

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Video Game Addiction
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