The Argument Essay (Lessons on Tyranny)


Write an essay that argues that a lesson in On Tyranny is or is not important for us to learn. Using the sources and the research you have done, explain why we should or should not need Timothy Snyder’s particular reflection on history. In other words, argue the reasons that the lesson does or does not matter to us. Do not forget that you are using Snyder to talk about the idea of the lesson and the examples he provides, but your paper is about your position on the idea. FOR MAIN REFERNCE USE THE BOOK “ON TYRANNY” BY TIMOTHY SNYDER. You will use the skills, knowledge, and resources you have acquired to produce a 6-8-page argument essay. You will put together an essay in which you take a position and provide evidence to support it in a logical fashion. The topic for this argument essay should be an extension of your synthesis essay. You should use a rhetorically effective method of organizing your essay and formulate, develop, and support a thesis using sound evidence, reasoning, and appropriate rhetorical appeals. You might also include a refutation, or counterargument, in which you incorporate alternate positions into your argument. Also, don’t use first or second person, only third and the essay should have a title and refence page.101 Argument Essay instructions with rubric

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The Argument Essay (Lessons on Tyranny)
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