Is alcoholism a choice or a disease


ENG 122 Research PaperBuilding on your work on the Annotated Bibliography and other research, you will use your collected source materials to help with the construction of a documented argument essay. Your six to eight-page essay should be built around a thesis that takes a position on an issue.SourcesExchanging sources with the ones you’ve been using is fine, so long as you maintain a minimum of eight and they still come from the specified locations or are sources I have otherwise approved. You must include a minimum of eight credible sources, both in your rough and final drafts, to avoid losing points.FormattingUse MLA format for your paper. Your rough draft must be typed and double-spaced and should be at least five pages, and the final copy should be between six and eight pages. Use in-text parenthetical citations for all sources. The issue is whether alcoholism is a choice or a disease

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Is alcoholism a choice or a disease
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