Usage of Body Cameras in the Community


This paper must be top-tier the teacher that I have is very strict and if anything that does not seem to be concurrent or correct Will subject me to failing the semester. She is very adamant and structured and making sure nothing is plagiarized and is accurate to what she is asking for the paper,I have a lot of information that must go into this paper. it must be in Arial font 14 double space. I have started some hit as you can see it’s incorrect just to I’ve you a background of what is needed. All of my recourses that I’ve used is in writing assignment 5 they must be used in the paper. also the graphs come from that must be used as well. At the bottom there is sample document that you must follow to adhere to her criteria. as well the references I have must be used in the paper.

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Usage of Body Cameras in the Community
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25 page paper final draft (2) Demetra Graph Written Assignment 5 Writting Assignment 4 Usage of Body Cameras in the Community

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