Film analysis in social work


FORMAT: Double-spaced, Times New Roman and 12-point size font, using APA style for cover page, page headers, page margins, citation, references, and appendix (if applicable).   For the paper, you will need to watch the movies (attached on the next page), of which the background is different from yours. You will then need to use some of the following theories (including at least one of the psychodynamic theories, and one of the four person-in-environment theories) to analyze the behaviors and wellbeing of the character designated. Person-in-environment theories: Micro-Mezzo-Macro Approach Biopsychosocial Approach Ecological Theory System Theory Strengths Perspective Resilience Psychodynamic Theory Eric Erikson’s psychosocial theory Attachment theory Freud’s psychoanalytic theory Ego psychological theory   Lastly, you will need to answer whether and how the behaviors of the character would be different if the background of the movie was the same as yours (Chinese cultural background).   Integrate a minimum of 7 readings from the list (attached on the next page). These could enrich your thinking greatly.   Papers will be graded based upon: integration of, insight into, and understanding of the readings and class discussion, application of relevant concepts/theories, quality of writing, and format including the appropriately application of APA style. All papers should be carefully proofread. The Movies for selection: 1)    the movie, Room, analyze the character, Jack;final paper requirement

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Film analysis in social work
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