Psychology article reflection


The assignment is to identify and write a short analysis of one strong article in the Psychology literature with a multicultural grounding that helps you appreciate risk, causes, treatment, or prevention (choose one) for depression or eating disorders (choose one or the other) for social identity intersections (at least 2 dimensions of social identity) you are interested in learning more about. This article should help you deepen your understanding of how unique lived experiences can be better attended to and incorporated into mental health research and treatment. When selecting your focus, I ask you to extend at least partly beyond your own social identities. For example, the research you identify must examine at least one social identity that you do not share (e.g., I identify as a hispanic , straight, woman, so I could examine depression prevention in black women or important predictors of eating disorder risk in trans women, or cis-gender men).Multicultural and Social Justice Competencies Reflection 2

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Psychology article reflection
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