Story interpretation


Note part 1) and 2) are different from each other  Part 1 is from Education from change course words approx 550. 1) please interpret the story according to world paradigm i.e. which type of worldview it defines, whether constructivist, pragmatic or any other.  link is :  Please provide informative source/ example based on it. Part 2 is from Art Integrated Research 2) Answer the question Question 1.  As educators, how can we improve communication and develop trust with students and community members? Question 2. How can we incorporate arts based research to build an inclusive and equitable classroom environment? Question 3. How can we apply community-based art & activism in our classroom to share knowledge with our students? 4) can one not be authentic in artmaking? If art is an extension of the self, can you extend something NOT of the self? Answers wording approximate 100 words

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Story interpretation
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