Performance Based Funding Benchmarking Assignment


“For this assignment you will compare and contrast Florida’s model of performance funding for postsecondary institutions with that of the State of Tennessee and three (3) other states. In addition to Tennessee, you may choose any three (3) states that utilize some form of performance based funding for colleges and universities. Based on your research, you will draft a policy memorandum to the Florida Board of Governors in which you propose recommendations for altering Florida’s system of performance budgeting. Your memorandum should be 3-4 single-spaced pages in length using Times New Roman 12-point font with standard 1-inch margins. In composing your policy memorandum you should be mindful that you are not writing a term paper or full research paper. You should also be mindful that the memorandum is not an opinion piece (You should avoid sentences beginning with phrases like, “I think that…” or “I believe…”. You are composing your memorandum as a professional analyst who has critically analyzed an issue. Decision memos are read by busy individuals who juggle many different issues. Accordingly, they do not want too much background information or flowery language. Most memos range from 3-4 pages. The recommendations presented in your memo should be realistic, based on the findings of your research, and should not be beyond the scope of the audience’s decision making authority. Please see the attachment below for more detail on the memo format and components.”

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Performance Based Funding Benchmarking Assignment
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