Music concert essay


The writter have to choose a concert on youtube and writte about it and describe it in details The Essay on Musical Style in Performance is based on your online viewing of a concert performance of Western art music . You will write an essay on the chosen performance (700- words) and include a hyperlink at the top of the paper to the video streaming location where you viewed it. Choose an individual musical work from the concert and follow these steps: For the chosen work: 1) Identify the type (vocal, instrumental, program, absolute, etc.) and the style period (i.e. Baroque, Classical, etc.). Where possible, draw comparisons to music of other styles. 2) Summarize the features of the type and the style period in your own words. 3) Describe three musical elements (e.g. dynamics, tone color, tempo, etc.) as you heard them used in the piece. 4) Discuss the effect of these elements on your listening experience and mood. 5) Discuss how the piece fits the context of its type and style period.

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Music concert essay
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