LOTFY CASE  (Wednesday case study)  Questions raised: Production capacity: 300 million pairs of shoes (men, women, children) Actual production: 150 million pairs of shoes, out of which, over 100 million are manufactured for 3rd party – mainly EU footwear brands (who supply the design etc) Average wholesale price of Lotfy’s shoes is that of 20USD. Cost of manufacturing is 8 USD Is it feasible to enter the French footwear market during the Covid pandemic?  (through distributors (wholesalers))? Yes /no? Why  (this is when you give an overview of the footwear market in France? Look at other Egyptian footbrands who have entered the market.  Success and failure stories.  If you cannot find Egyptian case studies, please note that as labour costs are cheaper than in Europe, you would be competing with Indian, Vietnamese footwear manufacturing companies. Would it be interesting to enter another European market?  What about regional distribution?  (MENA countries) Your task is to explain the panorama and come up with alternative options.

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