Issues with gender neutral restrooms


The paper has 5 major components following the Baird Model. Please use Baird’s EG Conversation Starters Worksheet (EthicsGame, 2019). Remember that your paper needs to have a title page and a reference page. Include your major/concentration and your minor on the title page. This is used for data sorting purposes.   Frame the ethical issue PLO1a/CLO1 Describe the context of the issue and how you are going to approach it (for example, you are not solving world hunger, you would be looking at food insecurity in your area). This includes your introduction and thesis statement. Remember that the thesis must presage your conclusions; so, you will need to write or adjust your thesis statement at the end of your writing process. PLO7a/CLO3 Present the facts of the situation (citations required) and the assumptions you are making. It is very important to distinguish between facts and assumptions. PLO8a/CLO3 What values are revealed in your exploration of facts and assumptions? How do these values compete (Baird calls this “values in tension”)?  Isolate ethical players and explain their perspectives PLO7b/CLO3 Stakeholder analysis Who are the stakeholders, and what are their concerns? You will need to do research and cite your sources to identify issues beyond the general and obvious ones. Who is the decision maker? (This could be a legislative body or city council rather than an individual. There may also be several levels, but be realistic in your approach) PLO8b/CLO3 What are the limits of ethical action (what is possible, and what are the limits)? This will require research, and you will need to use citations. Analyze ethical options using Baird’s Four Lenses. Baird’s Conversation Starters Worksheet provides details on how to do it. PLO5a/CLO2 Issues and best options through the responsibilities lens (deontology) PLO5b/CLO2 Issues and best options through the relationship lens (justice theories) PLO5c/CLO2 Issues and best options through the results lens (consequentialism) PLO5d/CLO2 Issues and best options through the reputations lens (virtue ethics) Determine ethical course of action PLO7c/CLO3 Based on your analysis through Baird’s Four Lenses, craft an ethical course of action and defend why you have chosen this course of action (Why is it better than others? What are its limitations?) PLO8c/CLO3 How does your course of action correct for bias? What objections might others have to this decision? PLO6a/CLO2 What should be communicated to the decision maker? How does this differ from communications to other stakeholders? Integrate and reflect GO4/CLO4 Evaluate your decision. What are the likely results? What might be unintended consequences? What remains to be done? What concerns you? What have you learned that will help you make solid ethical decisions in the future? I ATTACHED A PAGE WITH SOME REFERENCES. PLEASE USE SOME OF IF NOT ALL OF THEM. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO USE SOME, PLEASE TAKE THEM OFF THE REFERENCES PAGE. Papers should use no larger than 1” margins, Times New Roman 12 font, be double-spaced, at least 10 pages long excluding title, contents, or reference pages (excellent papers likely will be longer), and be in Word-compatible format (Turnitin doesn’t accept .pages). You must support your work with facts from credible source including scholarly and professional literature and news courses using a minimum of 12 references, at least 8 of which come from your independent research and 4 of which come from course materials. The citations and references should follow the APA format. Late papers will not be accepted unless you obtain prior approval from the instructor.

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Issues with gender neutral restrooms
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