A Critical Discourse Analysis of Malaysia Airlines’ Response to the MH370 Crisis


This individual written work should present a PLAN of a research that is suitable for an undergraduate capstone project in language or literary studies. The proposal should provide the background of and rationale for the proposed research, the research questions or research objectives, methodology or a feasible plan of how the research will be conducted, the expected outcomes/findings, and the value or significance of the research. You do NOT need to conduct the research described in the proposal. Sections of the proposal Ø  Introduction (this section can be combined with the literature review or you can have a separate section for the literature review) Ø  Problem statement (the research gap) Ø  Research question(s) or research objective(s) Ø  Methodology (including theoretical/conceptual framework (if any), the research design, data and method/procedure of analysis) Ø  Expected findings Ø  Significance of the study Ø  Timeline Ø  References Submission details Ø  Deadline: December 7, 2020 at 11: 59 pm via ‘Assignment’ on Blackboard Ø  Word limit: 1800 words (+/- 5%) (excluding references) Ø  Word count: State your total number of words Ø  File type: PDF Ø  Formatting: Use 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman, Font 12 Ø  Referencing: Use the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style

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A Critical Discourse Analysis of Malaysia Airlines’ Response to the MH370 Crisis
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