Business ethics report


For assessment you are asked to write a Business Ethics Report (100% of the overall grade) The following is general guidance as to what to include in the report (more specific guidance will also be provided): Part I 1. Choose an industry that interests you. Examples you can choose include advertising, social media, fashion, financial investment, the car industry. Please agree your choice of industry with a module tutor if it isn’t on this list. 2. Identify and describe the main ethical issues facing the industry you have chosen. 3. Detail the relevant laws, regulations and codes that are in place that are intended to influence business conduct in the industry. Include national and (if relevant) international codes. Part II 4. Write a case study of one business within the industry you have chosen. In the case study: 4a. include a description of the company’s stated values and its ethical commitments (for example, its corporate social responsibility policy); and 4b. describe any ethical controversies that the business has faced and how these were resolved (the case(s) might be ongoing). Part III 5. Are there reasons to think that existing laws, regulations or codes should be made tougher in this industry? In your opinion, should new regulations be introduced? Argue your case. 6. When addressing point 5 how helpful are the ethical theories we have considered on the module? 7. Provide an overall conclusion.

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Business ethics report
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