Clinical Depression


Your psychological disorder paper/report must include a paragraph for each of the following, in this particular order, an explanation of the disorder, the symptoms presented, prognosis, treatments for the disorder and your personal assessment of the disorder which may include your experience with the disorder via (family, friend, work experience, etc.) You must cite sources (where you obtained your information APA format) within the document and on a separate sheet at the end of your report titled “Resources”. An example of how to cite within your paper APA Format and how to complete your resource list may be found On line, just search “Purdue Owl APA”. The paper/report must have a cover page APA format with your name centered in the middle of the page, title of disorder, course information, and professor name and date. The information you provide in your report/paper (content) must be 2 full pages long, 12″ font, Times New Roman only, double spaced. It may be longer if you wish however no more than 5 pages including your cover page and the page at the end of your report where you cite your sources. APA style only. Following the cover page, begin the next page of your paper with the title of the disorder at the top of the page, from there you will double space your report/paper (content).

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Clinical Depression
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