Read this Speech about democracy in China during the 1920s and write a analysis paper of it


This is an Article Analysis/Review assignment. In which you should read the attached article about democracy in China during the 1920s, and then write an analysis paper of the article. The full article of “ THE PRINCIPLE OF DEMOCRACY ” (1924) By Sun Yat-Sen is attached. 1. You need to read the attached article “ THE PRINCIPLE OF DEMOCRACY ” (1924) By Sun Yat-Sen.  This is a short excerpt from Sun Yat-sen’s lecture on the “Principles of Democracy” in which he elaborates his vision for democracy in China during the 1920s. Please make sure to read the longer version of the text, on pp. 2-5. Please read the article carefully before you start writing. 2. After reading the given article, please complete this analysis paper by doing the following steps: First, introduce the article you have chosen to analyze in your paper. Then, Provide a brief (200 words) analysis of the essay. The following are guiding questions, but you can focus on other points if you wish. Provide a (very brief) summary of the argument of the text? If you read the text by Sun, what are the fundamental components of his image of democracy? what does he view as the foundation of his democracy? what is his view of the role of the people in this state? REMEMBER: You do not need to answer all of the sub-questions above. This is simply the kind of information you will want to consider when summarizing the text. Important note: It isn’t necessary to go to outside sources for this assignment. However, if you are going to use outside sources, you must: 1) put the ideas into your own words, or quote directly, and 2) cite the source. Presenting other people’s words as your own in the problem, more so than using outside sources. Assessment: Accurate identification of the author’s argument (1 point) At least two points of supporting evidence that the author uses to support their claims. Here, you can try to answer one or two of the follow-up question I posted for each reading. Supporting evidence should be accurately and clearly stated (3 points) Proper spelling and grammar (1 point)

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Read this Speech about democracy in China during the 1920s and write a analysis paper of it
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Article analysis assignment Instruction THE PRINCIPLE OF DEMOCRACY (1924) By Sun Yat – Sen

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