Enviromental economics


1)the company must be shipping company purely 03:15 PM  2)must have enviromental identity 03:16 PM  3)we must write what will do for environmetal 03:16 PM  4)what i suggest to be more friendly for the environment (example electricity power) but the suggested must be something that can be done 03:19 PM  and also put inside reports for this company that shows how friendly is 03:20 PM  PLEASE BEFORE YOU START SEND ME THE COMPANY 03:21 PM  ALSO YOU CAN USE PORT AUTHORITY 03:22 PM  thesse companies cannot be used: Pioneer Marine,Tsakos Group,STARBULK Carriers Corp,Piraeus Port Authority S.A. 1) for introduction you write the meaning of responsibilities that have a company (responsible company is the company that implements practices and measurements beyond the law). 2) mentioned few thing for shipping companies and general issues and for that needs correct bibliographies. 3) if you speak for climate changes for example you must use ipcc and in which report you find it if you use legislation in which imo mentioned. 4)if you want to see some relevant general scientific publications (review) on the topic of coursework to get ideas and see how the authors approached the topic in their introduction. Everything you write must be updated, that is, it must be valid today, it must not be outdated … The structure must be as follows 1)entry you must go from general information to specific 2)analysis presentation for the company activities how many ships personnel and what the company doing for the environmental 3)macroeconomic analysis shipping sector example table with political environment legal technical. Critical thinking advantages and disadvantages Responsible company 4) discussion analysis 3 shipping impacts with bibliography What company doing for the climate change and speak to the impacts. You can propose for rights emission of pollutants. 5)concluding remarks You can use bullets with the conclusions

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Enviromental economics
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