Fall management for patients in Australia


Students need to use the knowledge gained throughout this whole unit to develop a plan or proposal for decision making and problem-solving in relation to one selected health care issue/ nursing practice. A project may cover any area of specialty nursing practice that the student feels he/she would like to improve. Students are required to identify the health care issue/ nursing practice aligned with NSQHS. Students can use the current guidelines. This assessment should include the latest research-based evidence, current practice protocols updated with the latest guidelines. Topic-project proposal for fall managemnt in australia with NSQHS standards.Use qualitative design Introduction (/5): Please explain your plan for the assignment at last. Please write one SMART goal in one sentence. Literature review (/15): Please incorporate literature. Try to include many articles. Please do not write an introduction to the literature review. Justification (/7.5): Consider adding this heading. Please support your ideas with literature. Project Plan (/7.5): Please support your ideas with literature. Please understand the question. You have to plan a project. Conclusion (/5): Summarise what you have done so far. Please include your project plan here as well. Presentation(/5): Please go through the marking rubric. Include relevant headings. Consider marking allocation. APA format(/5): Please use in-text referencing. Reference list should start on a new page.

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Fall management for patients in Australia
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