Either about a culture or an Anthropological topic


You can do one of two topics for your term paper: a) The Culture of “X” (could be … Haiti, Cuba, China, Jamaica, Russia, Germany, The Lakota, The Finnish People, The Saami People, The Seminole, Irish-Americans, etc., etc. – a national, ethnic, cultural, or subcultural group) This will be an anthropological survey of some cultural group, and more primarily from library etc. research than fieldwork, you will tell me about their culture. (You don’t have the time, funding, support, or access to do typical fieldwork. So you’re going to do this the “Ruth Benedict on Japan” way. She wrote about Japanese culture by watching Japanese films, reading Japanese literature, and other accounts of Japan.) b) Some topic in anthropology: i.e. Cultural Relativism, The Sapir-Whorf/Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis, The Anthropology of Race, Ethnogenesis, Ethics in Fieldwork. Etc. Argue a thesis regarding your topic, and demonstrate in your paper. (For example: “Cultural relativism does not imply moral relativism”; “anthropology shows how race is a cultural construct”; “Haitian Voudoun is a central part of Haitian-American culture”; etc,) Your term paper requires a cover page and bibliography. Your bibliography should have 3 or more academic sources. Those sources need credibility and reliability but do not HAVE to be PhD’s in anthropology. They should be other than your textbook and lectures. Don’t cite Wikipedia 3 times. Do better than that. Citation format can be MLA or APA; main thing I care about is that it should be clear and consistent. Double space preferred; typed/printed; legible font.

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Either about a culture or an Anthropological topic
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