Diversify your Feed


DESCRIPTION:  This mini-blog now asks you to diversify the representation you see every day across media platforms. Many of us spend hours every week scrolling through social media and/or other websites to get our news about the happenings in the world of our friends/family and other subjects we are interested in. In this media space, it is important that we all consider exposing ourselves to things that are outside of our normal networks. For this assignment, you will research and choose different organizations and people to ‘follow’ to diversify your feed.  Choose at least one platform that you use regularly (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik-Tok etc). If you do not use any social media – you will find organizations you can subscribe to through email. On your chosen platform, find at least one organization and/or person to ‘follow’ or ‘subscribe’ to in each of the following categories (5 total). If you can not find one in a certain category, you can double up on another one. These organizations should be related to travel and/or recreation – but, try to choose ones that you relate to (i.e. if you love yoga – choose yogi related content, if you love plants, climbing, hiking, swimming, surfing etc – choose what suits you best).    Categories  Race – Choose a race that is different from your own and of an underrepresented minority  Gender – Choose a gender that is different from your own, this can include male, female, non-gender conforming, transgender etc.  Sexual Orientation – Choose a sexual orientation that if different from your own  People with disabilities – This can be a physical or cognitive disability  Other – Choose a religion, culture, ethnicity, language etc of your choice  WHAT TO TURN IN: A screenshot of each person/organization you followed along with their corresponding website, instagram name etc.  One bullet point about what each person/organization represents One bullet point about what you hope to learn from following each person/organization

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Diversify your Feed
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