Australia’s Pandemic Response


For the pandemic group project you will be divided into groups and pick a country. You will analyze its governmental response (stimulus measures etc.) to the pandemic. You will create a  report on this topic as if you were educating an intelligent but uninformed group of policy makers about it. This will be in lieu of a final exam. Essentially I have already found the information required, I just have been experiencing writer’s block and subsequently, difficulty in forming the information from these sources into my writing. I need the following headings done:  1. Australia Fiscal Overview (Fiscal Impact of Covid)  2. Fiscal Responses to COVID-19 and then my partner is completing the monetary policy, which afterwards I am tasked to 3. compare the  COVID-19 issue with the 2008 Great financial crisis within Australia. There is information I have already researched which you are free to use as sources.  In total, 3 headings within 2 pages

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Australia’s Pandemic Response
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