The Politics of International Economics Final Paper


General Requirements (5 points) •File in Word format  ❑Font size 12, double spaced, Times New Roman  •10 Pages ❑Excluding tables, figures, and references requires tables and figures •Citing research articles using Chicago Style ❑Chicago Style •Making the same level of effort in finishing the following parts Part 1: Research Question and Significance (5 points) The question under investigation must be: •International political economy •General: not a single event •Positive: empirically testable •Not a normative question •Explanatory: a why question •Not a descriptive question •Not a forecasting question significance (at least, two out of the following three) •Theoretical, empirical, and policy Part 2: Literature Review (5 points) Review at least six articles: •Published in academic journals •Representative research ❑Number of citations Organize the review by theme •Example: two strands of research disagree with each other Use your own words to summarize: •Main arguments and evidence provided •Avoid using direct quotes Part 3: Your Hypothesis (5 points) The quality of your hypothesis: • One independent variable determines one dependent variable • The direction of effect ❑Positive or negative relationship • Falsifiable ❑Avoid tautology • Different from those reviewed in Part 2 Part 4 Research Design and Hypothesis Testing (5 points) Research design: • Justify the appropriateness of your research design Report findings: •Always explain your results by closely following your key hypotheses •Recognize the limitations of your research ❑What are the possibilities that may threaten the validity of your results Part 5 Conclusions (5 points) Things you may have in this section: •What are the theoretical and policy contributions of your research? ❑Do your analysis agree or disagree with established wisdoms? ❑Do your analysis find new evidence that either support or disapprove governmental policies? Directions of future research: •Is there any way to improve your current analysis?  •Your findings may imply valuable directions for other researchers

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The Politics of International Economics Final Paper
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