You will complete a 5-7 page paper in APA 6th edition format. The paper will be constructed as follows: The Population: Choose a population identified as “at-risk”. Describe the characteristics of this population.  Discuss this population’s history of oppression and discrimination. This section should be between 2 -3 pages with at least 2 references. The History: Discuss how the identified population has adapted or overcome oppression and discrimination. How has this impacted their views and culture? Does the discrimination continue to exist for this population? To what extent? Use current credible news articles to support your discussion. Are there specific laws or policies protecting this population? Should there be? This section should be at 1 ½ to 2 pages with at least 2 references. The Future: What steps could be taken to alleviate the problems faced by this population? What steps would you take to enact policy to ensure social and economic justice? What would social and economic justice look like for this population? This paper should be between 1 ½ -3 pages with at least two references. Conclusion: You will summarize what you have learned about the population. How can you assist colleagues in becoming more culturally sensitive to your population? Has your view of this population changed? If so, how?

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