Recycling in the hospitality industry


Recycling in the hospitality industry – Give examples of how a hospitality property can implement a recycling program and include the costs and benefits of such a program. 2. Rubric Overview · Title 1) · Purpose 2) · Content 3) · Organization 4) · Writing Quality 5)  · Sources 6) 1) Title (up to 5 points) – Includes descriptive of work performed so that readers can infer its purpose – Includes a cover sheet with student name, NSHE#, correct section number, and selected topic 2) Purpose (up to 20 points) – Clearly demonstrates research topics – Provides adequate direction for the paper with some degree of interest for the reader 3) Content (up to 70 points) – Information relates and stays to the main topic – Information is well researched in detail – References venue or facility to support research findings 4) Organization (up to 30 points) – Demonstrates logical and subtle sequencing of ideas through well-developed paragraphs – Ideas and information are arranged logically, flow smoothly, with a strong progression of thought from paragraph to paragraph 5) Writing quality (up to 15 points) – Follows proper layout (see 3. Formatting); free of grammar, punctuation, spelling or citation errors – Writing is clear and relevant; states concisely (DO NOT exceed more than 1,500 words) 6) Sources (up to 10 points) – Provides compelling and accurate information to support in-depth the central position – Includes at least 2 sources in research paper, not including the course textbook – Acceptable references can be found in the periodicals, newspapers, books, articles, and company literature (Wikipedia is not an acceptable source)

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Recycling in the hospitality industry
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