Arc’teryx campaign in Asia


1.Community Outreach, 2.Evaluation I want you to see the attached files.  Then read my colleagues’ writing  to complete the paper for( community outreach and do the Evaluation) Arc’teryx   Background (Yueyuan) Arc’teryx is a high-end outdoor brand, also known as the “Hermes of outdoor products.” It was founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 1989. After more than ten years, it has been continuously pursuing new technology and craftsmanship, which has made it a global leader in outdoor brands. Its product direction mainly involves hiking, climbing, and ice&snow sports. Its design has won a series of awards including Backpacker, Outside, Climbing, Men’s Journal, and Powder magazine. Its best-selling clothing lines include Theta AR and Gamma MX short tops.  Amer Sports was acquired by Anta Sports on Feb.25, 2019. Anta is a private sportswear company in China. Through the acquisition of Archaeopteryx, it can transfer its advantages in the international market and Amer Sports’ technical advantages in the outdoor field to itself, to achieve Anta’s goal of opening the international market and decreasing its shortage. After the acquisition of Arc’teryx, Anta has changed its previous style and used different marketing methods to increase brand awareness in 2019. At the Double Eleven event of that year, it chose to cooperate with Li Jiaqi, the originator of a Chinese live-streaming internet celebrity, to promote their products of Arc’teryx through live broadcast. Then at the beginning of 2020, it co-branded with off-white at Paris Fashion Week to integrate its own clothing style with fashion trends. It wanted to remove the image which the brand was previously only limited to professional outdoor sports enthusiasts. Therefore, Anta can expand the target to the general public, so as to open a wider audience. Campaign goal  (Annan & Bolin)             Our goal is to increase Arc’teryx clothing sales by 30% in 2021 while expanding the Asia Pacific market. At the same time, Arc’teryx clothing’s target customers will also expand to the public. Although this goal is difficult to achieve. However, Arc’teryx’s sales influence in the Asia Pacific region was very high last year. It’s very good that our team has made this campaign a success. Target Audience(Annan & Bolin)             We will target young people living in the Asia Pacific region. Affected by the prevalence of coronavirus, the sales volume in the U.S. market and European market showed a relatively large downward trend. We have begun to pay attention to the Asia Pacific market, which has gradually shown signs of recovery. Meanwhile, Amer sports was acquired by Anta sports, a large sports equipment multinational. Subsequently, the world’s largest Arcteryx flagship store opened in Shanghai, making China the largest customer in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, street fashion is particularly popular in Asia, especially in China and Japan. Campaign details (Annan& Bolin) Our campaign will start in January 2021. There will be three main aspects in our campaign.  (1) Online and physical store event (2) Good Communication Outreach (3) Promotions on various social media First of all, we will continue to collaborate with famous brands such as Off-White and Supreme to make some new products. Those brands are famous street fashion brands, so collaboration with them can attract more youngsters to buy our own products. Off-White and Supreme also have a giant fan base, we can use these collaboration merchandises to attract more fans and customers. Moreover, we will also collaborate with Bape and The North Face for the fall & winter collaboration, just like Off-White and Supreme ,these two brands also love collaboration with others. Secondly, holding the event both online and in store is very important in our campaign. As we know, due to the Coronavirus, Asia Pacific is the only market that is healing at present. At this time, starting some physical event will attract more people for a brand. We will hold this event in March in Shanghai. Since Shanghai has the world’s largest Arc’teryx flagship store, we will invite the Arc’teryx brand spokesperson Wen Liu to the flagship store to help us introduce our new products. This event is about the fashion show, we will invite some models to wear our appeals to finish the show. In order to attract more people to buy our clothes, we will also set up Lucky draws with Arc’teryx products . For the online event, we will invite Chinese internet celebrity Jiaqi Li to sell our new clothes in our Live broadcasting room. Jiaqi Li is very good at selling goods in his live broadcasting room. Inviting him to our online event will boost our company’s sales volume.  Thirdly, we will put up advertisements on social media, such as Twitter, Instagram and WeChat, and we will also sponsor Internet influencers throughout platforms such as YouTube and TikTok in order to promote our products. Meanwhile, we will also insert our advertisements before people watch the movie and online videos. Community Outreach (Zake)write here 250 words Timeline (Annan&Bolin) Our campaign starts in early spring 2021, and will proceed through the next four seasons of clothing and collection.  January – The campaign will start consulting with Off-White and Supreme of launching the new spring & summer collaboration. In addition, Our event information will gradually appear on various social media. Our company’s PR agency will also look for the local sponsorship to help us hold the event.  February – Prior to the fashion show, the campaign will start interacting with the local government for the fashion show and we will apply for the arena. In addition, other processes for the preparation of the show like inviting models, fashion designers and other guests to our show will begin. In addition, we will start sponsoring Internet influencers on YouTube and TikTok. March – We will hold our own Fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, and we will announce our collaboration with Off-White and Supreme for the Spring Summer 2021 on the stage, these merchandises will be available in the following days, both online and in – store. We will hold multiple customers and audiences engagement activities after the show as well.  May – As the summer approaches, we will start to consult with Bape and The North Face, another two famous brands that love collaboration, for the fall & winter 2021 collaboration. Since Bape is rather popular in Japan, this will be a good chance to boost Arc’teryx’s sales and fame in Japan.  July – Announcement of the collaboration with Bape and The North Face across the social medias, official websites and influencers. and this time we will also drop both digital and physical LookBook around the world.  September – The final object of this campaign, we will begin preparing for the greatest collaboration of all time for the holiday season. Arc’teryx will collaborate with two companies at once for a single collection. There will be an Arc’teryx, Supreme and The North Face collection, as well as an Arc’teryx, Off-White, Bape collection, and all the merchandise will be extremely limited, in other words, the ultimate hunger marketing.  Channel (Yueyuan) In our campaign, we are planning to use both internal and external channels to promote Arc’teryx products. The Arc’teryx official website and official social media accounts, such as accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, are our internal channels. The use of our collaboration brands’ official social media accounts, live-streaming influencer, and news release would be our external channel. We would announce our newest products and collaboration information through both internal and external channels to benefit from the original loyal customer base of both brands, in order to achieve the purpose of expanding a wider audience. Cost (Yueyuan) For this campaign, we will be using a high-cost strategy to achieve our goal. Arc’teryx’s own social media and online platform promotion would be the only part which doesn’t cost much. Other parts, such as hiring of influencers, cooperation with other brands, offline activities, would all require a large amount of early investment. Hiring live-streaming influencers to endorse propaganda will determine the price of cooperation based on their personal influence. The higher one’s personal influence, the higher the relative hire price is. The offline activities include venue rental fees, construction materials costs, manpower and material resources are all a large expenditure. Although our initial investment will be relatively large, the subsequent cooperation will definitely have an effect of 1+1>2. Evaluation (Zake) write here 100 words

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Arc’teryx campaign in Asia
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