Career path Presentation


Career Path Presentation Based on the work you have readings and discussions for this course, identify someone whose career path interests you. It can be someone you know or it can be someone about whom you have heard.   Research the person’s career path, using the following questions as a guide: What is the person’s current (or most recent) position? Where do they work now (or did they work)? How did they get interested in their field? What types of things did they learn about? Their learning could be formal, through life experience or a combination What types of jobs or positions have they held? What advice do they give to those starting out in their field? What of their experiences apply to how you might approach your own professional future? Choose the research methods that make sense to learn about the person you chose. For example, it probably doesn’t make sense either to try to interview Elon Musk for your assignment or to go to the SVC library to look for material on your instructor! Prepare a 3-5 minute presentation. Upload the presentation in Canvas Your presentation needs to cover: The name or title of the person whose career path you are describing and the industry they are in Why you selected this person and how you learned about their background and career path A description of your research methods A summary of their learning and their career path Advice that you found compelling and motivational and how you might apply this advice to your future path Upload your recorded presentation. It is your choice on whether or not you use PowerPoint. Grading Your presentation will be graded using a rubric. The presentation can be a PowerPoint or Slides with voice over, It could be a live recording of you speaking or it could be a live recording of you presenting your slides in something like Panapto or Zoom. Rubric Presentation Presentation Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Subject Selected I selected a person who works in an industry in which I am interested and I identified the reasons why I selected this person. My choice of an individual to discuss links to earlier assignments in this course (or I have discussed the reason for a change with my instructor). 20.0 to >15.0 pts Exceptional choice 15.0 to >8.0 ptRelated to my field of interest 8.0 to >0.0 pts Marginally related to my field of interest 0.0 pts No submission 20.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Subject Description I described my selected individual’s career path, covering their educational experiences and professional experiences. 25.0 to >20.0 pts Exceptional 20.0 to >15.0 pts Adequate 15.0 to >0.0 pts Mariginal 0.0 pts No submission 25.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Insight I shared at least one piece of personally relevant advice or insight about my chosen individual and described why it was compelling for me. 10.0 to >5.0 pts Adequate 5.0 to >0.0 pts Marginal 0.0 pts No submission 10.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome On-Time Presentation 5.0 pts Full Marks 5.0 to >0.0 pts Late 0.0 pts No Submission 5.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Presentation My presentation was professionally delivered and well structured, it was evident that I was prepared, that I had rehearsed and I was within my allocated time and I described my research methods. 10.0 to >5.0 pts Adequate 5.0 to >0.0 pts Marginal 0.0 pts No submission 10.0 pts Total Points: 70.0 Previous Next

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Career path Presentation
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