Fast Food OD Case Study


Change is constant.  It can be argued that if we aren’t changing we are regressing or in a state of decay.  In business, we can choose to be reactive or proactive towards change.  We can strive to shape our space or be shaped by it.  How we approach innovation sends a strong message to employees within the organization.   If we think of innovation as adding value we can look at innovation from a number of perspectives.  Prompt For our discussion this week we are going to look at a scenario. The scenario is a fast food restaurant. Click the link below to open the scenario. FastFoodCaseStudy.docx The scenario will be used for both week 5 and week 6.   For this week: You are the OD chosen by the client to come in and help. What is the current environment towards you as the consultant? What are the main symptoms that you see? What are the possible causes? From an OD consultant perspective, how effective are the incentives? How will you approach the problems? (what change are you going to create to help make the turn around that is required by the corporate office?) Textbook: Rothwell, W., Stavros, J., & Sullivan, R. (2016). Practicing Organization Development: Leading Transformation and Change (4th ed.).FastFoodCaseStudy

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Fast Food OD Case Study
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