Respond to Peers


Peer replies:  Reply to your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses. Each reply must be at least 100 words. Peer: Nicole Tate Some environmental challenges facing your community are the climate, water and air population. The reason why I say these three things because our weather changes tremendously in Michigan to the point it will be cold one day and hot the other. Our water in flint has been contaminated for almost 4 years. Where they would have to stack up on packs of water to clean, cook and shower. The air pollution is everywhere when the pandemic started the air was fresh you could tell the difference from then and now. But before you can smell all the chemicals in the air. Some of the environmental science issues that might not never be solved is water and air pollution why because air pollution has become mad made is in fact that is destroying our air that we breathe in every day. Factories has become one of biggest source that putting out chemicals in the air. We use factories to make and do many different things. Waste has become in our water to drink. Unlike, it’s like the creatures in the water because of waste. To get rid of waste and trash in being put in the water. The factors that have led to the lack of resolution is human activities knowing why the do what the do but not really paying the The consequences of what if something bad happen. Not being able to think clearly and make good choices. Human kind are only pleasing the human nature instead of thinking outside the box and have better solutions. The potential effects on not being able to to address these issue would just cause us more problems in the future. Not being able to speak up and say this would affect us in this way if we don’t do it this way. We have to be able to come together to find better solutions so the problem we are facing in our environment doesn’t effect us as much.

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Respond to Peers
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