Influential Psychologist


1)      Choose an influential psychologist.  What is their focus?  Give some detail as to their methodology. 2)      Based on the theory of your particular psychologist, indicate where you see this theory of psychology manifested in today’s world. 3)      How might a modern psychologist view the theories of historic psychologists? 4)      Name a more modern psychologist and briefly described why you support them.   References (you need at least 2) Hint: the book from class needs to be one since you are comparing someone from the readings Your references need to have enough information contained within them, so we know what citation goes with the reference.  If you have questions, please contact your instructor. Your completed final paper should be 3-4 pages. All submissions should be formatted in a 12 point Times New Roman font. Your answer should contain paraphrased information from at least one valid source other than your textbook, and all citations and references should be properly cited in APA format (6th edition).

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Influential Psychologist
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