What makes an ideal workplace?


What makes an ideal workplace?  In a well-developed, clearly organized research paper, describe some of the characteristics needed to create an ideal workplace. Consider some of the issues including support and encouragement by management and supervisors, room for growth and development, respect for diversity and difference, work that is stimulating and challenging, shared goals and expectations, the effects of the ownership and structure of the workplace, adequate compensation, fairness and equality. You can use all of the sources studies this semester, but you must also choose at least two sources on your own. The source(s) you choose must be reliable and relevant and approved by your instructor.  Requirements • 1200 words minimum • 5 paragraphs minimum including Intro, 3 Body Paragraphs and a Conclusion • 5 sources minimum • MLA format Suggested Sources and Readings “On a Plate” by Toby Morris “Underground Lair: Inside a Chicken Processing Plant” by Gabriel Thompson “I’m Not Leaving Until I Eat This Thing” by John T. Judge “Three Ways to Create a Work Culture that Brings Out the Best in Employees”, by Chris White,  TEDXAtlanta, https://www.ted.com/talks/ chris_white_3_ways_to_create_a_work_culture_that_brings_out_the_best_in_employees “Creating the Best Workplace on Earth,” The Harvard Business Review. https://hbr.org/2013/05/ creating-the-best-workplace-on-earth “From Inclusion to Support: How to Build a Better Workplace,” The New York Times. https:// www.nytimes.com/2019/06/17/business/recommendations-diverse-workplace-new-rules.html? referringSource=articleShare

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What makes an ideal workplace?
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