English Assignment (topic can be chosen)


Select only one topic — 1) racial inequality in the US, 2) wealth inequality in the US, 3) an issue related to the Internet, or 4) free speech — that relates to any one of our course readings. Create an original, forceful thesis statement about this topic. Next, develop your thesis using at least six sources. (Articles from our course readings count here.) Also, at least three of these sources must be from one of SAC’s databases. In MLA format, be sure to incorporate at least two passages from each of your six sources (for a total of twelve direct quotes). In addition, one (and only one) of these quotes should be in block format (i.e., four lines of text or longer). Internet Privacy In order to make this an argumentative essay, develop a strong counterargument and provide a rebuttal (or refutation) of the counterargument. Directions In MLA format, write seven to ten (7-10) pages. Reminder: in all, your essay should have a total of twelve direct quotes from at least six readings. Peer Review On ­­­­­­Thursday, November 19th, be prepared to share your rough draft with two or three other students during our synchronous class hour, and upload your rough draft by 8:00 p.m. on Canvas. The peer review will be given a separate grade of 25 points. Rubric Thesis and Content (50 points) The essay has a thesis—a single, central point that is interesting, original, striking, and substantial. The central idea must be developed in the essay through well-chosen, appropriate, concrete details that show originality and freshness. The author shows—with rich sensory details—rather than merely tells, if applicable. Additionally, all supporting points connect to and help advance the essay’s thesis. Organization (50 points) The essay is organized and well structured: there is an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The essay exhibits a clear strategy for persuasion and pattern of development (either order of importance or chronological ordering). The essay’s supporting points are “previewed” in the introduction and “summarized” in the conclusion. The organization works with the thesis so that the thesis and the organization contribute to serving the purpose of the essay. Essay does not digress from central point. Transitions help the paper flow smoothly. Paragraphs (40 points) Paragraphs are organized, unified, and coherent. The introductory paragraph contains a hook (and its context), a “preview” of the supporting points, and a forceful thesis statement—i.e., a main claim of fact, value, or policy. Each body paragraph has a controlling idea (expressed in a topic sentence). In body paragraphs, the topic sentence helps support the thesis. The conclusion contains a rephrasing of the thesis, a “summary” of the supporting points, and substantial final observations. Style (40 points) Sentences are mature and parallel; they show variety of pattern and are rhetorically effective. The essay is written in a style and tone appropriate to the audience, topic, and purpose. Diction is appropriate, formal, and well chosen. Writer avoids wordiness, clichés, and passive voice sentence construction; writer also avoids using first-person and second-person pronouns. Writer seems to be speaking in an authentic voice. The essay is written in MLA format and free of grammatical errors. Works Cited (20 points) A properly formatted works cited page will be included on a separate page at the end of your essay. You need a minimum of six (6) sources: at least one course reading three peer-reviewed articles from any of SAC’s databases any two other credible sources (including course readings)

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English Assignment (topic can be chosen)
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