This data set and analysis is a short piece of written assignment. You will find up to two datasets that illustrate morphophonological alternations or phonological processes. These can be from any languages, but you should cite sources that are NOT phonology textbooks. In your own words, show, explain, and discuss how theoretical concepts can be applied to arrive at an analysis of each alternation. You are not expected to come up with your own analysis, but rather to demonstrate your understanding of analyses proposed in the literature. You are expected to read and sift through several cases before choosing one to focus on.  (Ways to add value include: selecting a complicated problem; comparing the pros and cons of the different analyses that have been proposed by different authors; and making use of advanced theoretical concepts that reflect extensive reading and study. The two discussions can be completely independent of each other; no transitions are needed, and only very brief introductions and conclusions to each section.) The total word count should fall between 900-1100 words. Data that you use in the discussion should be included in the word count, but you can include more extensive data as an appendix.  (Data set construction format included in PDF, please follow the instructions there for the whole assignment)

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