My experience traveling to California


Write two FULL pages, typed 1 & ½ spaces (i.e., NOT double-spaced); standard margins – 1 inch — all around (i.e., do not drop down and leave space on any page). Failure to meet required length will result in grade reduction.   tell about how the experience of travel (or a trip you took) has broadened your understanding of the world and your own place in it. Focus on a particular trip and a particular experience; where did you go? what was it like? what happened? How did you feel? What did you learn? How did your perspective change? How did you, yourself change? Why is this experience important?  (you could choose whatever LOS ANGELES / SAN FRANCISCO)   Writing Tips:  You do not need an introduction, but you must have a thesis (a main point).  State your thesis at the beginning.   Explain your thesis.  Discuss in detail.  Refer to examples that illustrate your ideas.  NO secondary source material.   Explain why your experience is important.    In your writing you should:  Be descriptive and give details.  Give dialogue. Tell what people said and use quotation marks to indicate dialogue or discussion. (This does not have to be extensive, but just try.)  Try to incorporate the five senses into your descriptions – what did you hear and what did it sound like? What did you touch and what it feel like? What did you see and what did it look like? Smells? Tastes? For example, some people say that the sea surf sounds like breathing; the sand might feel like silk (smooth white sandy beaches, for instance). A calm sea that reflects the sun might look like a mirror or the water might be as clear as glass. Sea air smells salty and tastes that way, too. What does the smoke from a bonfire on the beach smell like? Did you feel its heat on your hands as you drew close to the fire on a cool day? You get the picture.

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My experience traveling to California
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