Youth and development in the Arab world


What to include? 1. A reading response: This consists of the following parts: 1) a summary of the main argument (that is to say, what is the main idea that the author wanted to communicate to the reader). This should be short (3-4 lines max); 2) if the argument is based on hypotheses, please make sure to identify and summarize them. This part should not go beyond five to six lines; 3) explain whether you find the author’s argument convincing; 2. Your progressive interaction with this reading and our discussion in the class. This is where you speak freely about how this reading or conversation confirmed, challenged or advanced your earlier understanding of the topic. If this topic is completely new, mention that and explain whether the new information changed your perspective at all.Youth and Develpment in the Arab world_65195fab3da8f282ac3df0817ccb3842 Self Progress report rubric_def241e7072d07137c3d0ad369632499 (1)

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Youth and development in the Arab world
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