Special Needs / Speech and Language Impairment

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Special Needs / Speech and Language Impairment
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Special Needs / Speech and Language Impairment  Based on what we have learned about People with Special Needs, and our recent experience of ‘testing,’ how even is the playing field for those folks who have special needs?  That is: – when taking an IQ test, can a person with Special Needs finish in 12 minutes and be accurately assessed?  – can an individual with special needs study and pass an 1895 final? – can an individual with special needs pass the Assessment 101, even iwth multiple attempts? Discuss any of these issues in light of what you have learned about folks with Special Needs, as you have by now used the last link in the Course Unit to research any one of the thirteen federall defined categories. Based on this information I need to respond on this discussion board   Speech and Language COLLAPSE Speech and Language Impairment   Speech and language are when a child has problems pronouncing words or making sounds. language problems that make it hard for kids to understand words and express themselves. It is also considered as a communication disorder. This issue that may interfere with a child’s educational performance and cause Stuttering. A language impairment or articulation Impairment, from experience I know that the obstacles a child may face from a speech and language impairment, they may feel like they don’t fit in. They may be scared to speak even when they do get the services, they still will struggle sometimes comprehending information given to them. They have issues carrying out a multiple part-task sometimes.  In my daughter’s situation she couldn’t demonstrate the full directions given to her after she does the first task given to her, she waits for you to give her further instructions on each task. Sometimes the child can’t retain all the information received. She has issues with pronouncing a certain word, she’s self-conscious speaking around people and she confuses some letters like D and B, or she writes some letters backwards. Her IEP grants her more time or test and she’s pulled to the side by the special education teacher in class when needed. She’s also in an ICT class where there’s a special education teacher and general education teacher. She was pulled out for setts and she’s pulled out for speech with a speech pathologist. All these teachers communicate with each other to make sure she’s working on the same things with each of them to strengthen her progress and they frequently communicate with me. Back to her having more time being tested and extra services being given to her takes me to How I feel in reference to a child with a disability completing a 12-minute IQ test. It depends on what their disability is. I say from my knowledge no but there may be some students where they can.  Can they pass the 1895 final? I believe so and can they pass the assessment 101 that we took I believe they can do that too. Again, it’s according to their disability and the accommodations that can or cannot be made. Are they granted extra time, or as long as they put in a setting that they need to be placed in to focus. whether it be alone or more time. If the services that they need are provided for them yes they can successfully complete these tasks as well as a child without special needs. As the text states speech and language impairment emerges at a young age so long as each child is getting early intervention sooner than later, and receive the services accordingly, they can be successful at obtaining a healthy education. Children with disabilities whether speech and language impairments are sometimes bullied and tease because other kids don’t understand. Schools should introduce sensitivity workshops giving children information on what is expected from them as far as helping their classmates with these disabilities move forward and there should be a no-tolerance policy for bullying.

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