Lichen Survey Lab


Lichen Survey Lab To complete this lab, pick out two areas that have at least 10 mature trees each. Try to pick one area closer to a source of pollution (manufacturing, traffic, coal burning, trash burning etc.). In each area try to find 5 different types of lichens. Using the “Info on Lichens” and “Lichen Identification Guide”, draw a sketch (make a note of the color) or photograph the lichens. Identify them using the terms: fruticose, foliose, crustose, and squamulose. Using the “Lichen Identification Guide” make a note by each one if they look like they are in the category of nitrogen sensitive, nitrogen-loving or intermediate (nitrogen is a common component of air pollution, so the nitrogen sensitive ones probably won’t grow well in polluted areas). If there are no lichens on the tree, look at sticks on the ground, rocks etc.  And my teacher need some picture add to the survey I upload the from for you in fill

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Lichen Survey Lab
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Advanced Lichens Lichen Survey Lab Effect of Pollutants on Lichens Info on Lichens

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