Change or Conflict Situation in an Organizational Setting


INSTRUCTIONS You are to write a case study about a change or conflict situation in an organizational setting. • The purpose of this case is to illustrate and apply a concept from your reading or course materials by creating a discussion among your fellow students. It is to be in an organization context, not from a personal setting such as your family or marriage situation. • The case study is to be a written account of a particular leadership dilemma. It is to be an open-ended and unbiased report of that situation and should be designed to leave the reader with a problem to be solved relevant to a change and conflict situation. • This open-ended approach will clarify critical issues, attain self-awareness, acknowledge diverse points of view, and enhance the individual growth of fellow students. As you write, keep in mind that your case will be used in our online discussion where class members will review it and respond as change and conflict consultants. • In writing your case, accuracy and objectivity are essential. If opinions are expressed, they should be attributed to the characters in the case, not to the author’s bias. Case studies should be written from a third-person, not a first-person perspective. All names and other recognizable data should be disguised where appropriate. The case study is to include the following sections. • Introduction State an attention grabber, a statement of the problem to be resolved. • Background Give relevant background information on the situation so that the reader will understand the broader context. • Description Recreate the situation in enough detail to give the readers an accurate replay of the event and to help the readers to “feel” what is happening in the case. Create tension and a problem that must be solved. • Summary Restate the problem to be resolved. Leave it open-ended. Raise questions for discussion as appropriate.

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Change or Conflict Situation in an Organizational Setting
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