Lyndon b Johnson


Each paper must be approximately 2000 words. Pick the one 20th Century American President (starting with Theodore Roosevelt) that we have studied who you think exemplified the best leadership skills. How did he demonstrate or not demonstrate the qualities of a “great man.” (2000 words) PAPER INSTRUCTIONS The paper must have four outside sources. Your papers must be in your own words with no quotations from your textbook or other sources unless they are cited correctly. If you use sources for the information in your papers other than your assigned textbooks, you must indicate the source by a citation and complete information on the source using the Modern Language Association (MLA) works cited format. No more than 10% of your paper should be quotes or outside sources. Please use paraphrase or your own interpreation. You will write your papers offline and then submit online using the paper icon under the course section designated as dropbox. Each paper must be approximately 2000 words. No late papers will be accepted without assessing a 10 point penalty per late day.

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Lyndon b Johnson
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