The probability of an event can be determined in theory as well as in practice. In this project, you will use the formulas and methods in your readings to determine the theoretical probability. You will then conduct an experiment to see if the outcomes match what you expect to find with the theoretical probability.   In this project you will: be able to calculate and interpret probability be able to analyze and compare theoretical and experimental probabilities   To complete this project you will: Complete the Probability Report Worksheet to guide you in writing your APA report. Be sure to show all work! Complete a 2-page, double-spaced, APA-formatted report. In the report you need to present your findings and explain your conclusions on experimental and theoretical probability.  Thoughts to include in the report include: How are theoretical and experimental probability different? Why might the theoretical probability not match the experimental probability? Be sure to cite your sources for the questions that require sources.Assignment 7 Math Assignment 7 Math (1)

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