Hotel Food and Beverage Offerings


Select ONE of the Hotel Types Below   Urban Hotel Highway Hotel – New Construction Airport Hotel Casino Hotel Convention Hotel   Step 1: Research existing hotels of this type to identify what types of food and beverage operations they have in the hotel. Are they chains or privately run.    Then make a recommendation on specifically what type of F&B operations you would have in your hotel of this same type.  Would you have several restaurants? One all purpose?  Fine dining? Casual? Quick Service? Banquets?   Explain and support your recommendation.     Step 2.  Select one of the technologies that you reviewed above (ie. Robo bar, Easy Bar, Mini Bar, Enigmatic Wine by the Glass).  Does this technology have a place in your selected hotel? Why or Why not?  Does this technology have a place in any type of hotel or resort?  Comment on the post of a classmate who chose a different type of hotel.

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Hotel Food and Beverage Offerings
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