How the Nuremberg Trials impacted American Foreign Policy


Paper will need revised and completed to the standard, you can make whatever changed you need to to the paper. Bid what you feel is necessary. A 11-12 page research paper Font: Times New Roman, 11 point. Consult the style sheet attached to this assignment. Include: A cover page (not counted) A bibliography (not counted) Bibliography is required but does not count for number of pagers  and needs to contain  ¼ primary sources ½ academic secondary sources ¼ other secondary sources Your paper is to have at least 12 references in the bibliography and at least 12 footnotes (or in-text citations).  DO NOT use explanatory footnotes!!! Place page number on the bottom center. You may not use any encyclopedia pieces for this paper. use no more than one internet site The rest are to be newspapers, books, or journal articles  You must submit the paper to canvas before it will be counted.

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How the Nuremberg Trials impacted American Foreign Policy
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Nuremberg Trials

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