“Dry Lab”


Go to a local super market Whole Foods or whatever.  Go to the Seafood and fish case. Compile of list of both seafood (oysters, clams, Mussles, crabs,shrimp etc. and fish. On this list there will two or three categories- Wild caught, farmed and source local, US or imported. List a price usually per poiund of each species that is on your list. There should be at least 3 fish species and 3 seafood species. Next go to the meat and poultry case and pick out three categories of meat and the price per pound: Chicken, Beef and Pork are the easiest to find. Objective: Price and source and ultimately which you don’t need to calculate is the green house gas /energy involved in wild caught, farmed sea life and ultimately animal protein in the form of live stock. The ulitmate conclusion with climate change rising sea levels, ocean acidification, desert encroachment world wide on grazing ecosystems is that we as a civiliztion will need to rethink and recalibrate a ten thousand year model of plant and animal husbandry. The food deprativation you see with the Covid virus is just a small sample of the impact that environmental factors will have on the capability of farming systems both in the US and in the developing world to meet minimy daily requirements for human consumption. For animal protein you already see veggie,meat substitutes. Laboratory generated meat cells are already starting to penetrate the supermarktets and in Isarel a company has startred testing 3D Printed Steak  which is non animal based. The company’s name is Redefine Meat.

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“Dry Lab”
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