World regional Geography


Transformed Landscape Discussion topic link. Then click on the Start a New Thread box (you may have to scroll down to see this). Enter your Transformed Landscape title or place name as the Subject and paste your Transformed Landscape Assignment into the text box. Click Post.   2. Look at the Transformed Landscape projects of your classmates.   3. Name one Transformed Landscape project that you found particularly interesting and discuss the geographic transformation that it illustrates. In your Discussion post, you may add additional perspectives, data, information, ideas, images, and/or other materials to extend and enhance what your classmate originally posted about the transformed landscape. You may discuss physical and/or human geographic factors that contributed to the transformation that your classmate focused on. You may discuss the effects that this transformation may have on people and the environment at various scales (local, national, regional, international). What you post to the discussion should be substantive and constructive.   You may “Up Vote” contributions that you feel are particularly well done and insightful.

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World regional Geography
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