Solution-Focused And Systemic Change

 DEADLINE is 24 hours

I will need text for powerpoint presentation which I will make myself I just need the text.

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Solution-Focused And Systemic Change
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The total wordsize is 1400 words and the text should be in bullets form.

For each step of the organizational consultation process, you should identify and explain the step, then apply this information to analyze your family or current living arrangement using systems principles. Your application of systems principles should include:

1. What roles do people play? (Differentiation)

2. How are decisions reached? (Leadership)

3. Are family goals well articulated? Are there conflicts in goals?

4. What is the basic reward system in the family?

5. What technology is used to enhance family functioning? Is any of the use of technology counter-productive?

6. What are the values of the family? How are these communicated? Enforced?

7. Identify problems that could be solved in several ways.

8. How does the family adapt to changing conditions?

Based on the information presented in your text, overview the stages of organizational consultation from a systems approach. Share the stages and your application via a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following information:

. Title

. Review of stage model

. Basic description of each stage

. Application of each stage to current family or living situation

. Summary of the value of this approach for organizational consultation

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