SpaceX starship


This Reflection Paper is based on SpaceX starship . The research (in high detail) will also be needed to clarify your stance on certain aspects of the technological innovation of SpaceX starship and products to support your arguments. Throughout your discussion, use sources of information to support your arguments for each reflection question below: 1. Do you believe the advantages of the technological innovation of SpaceX starship outweigh the consequences considering how people can be impacted both directly and indirectly from this innovation? Explain your stance in detail. 2. Who will not be able to experience the benefits of the SpaceX starship innovation? Explain. What are the solutions in which the benefits of the SpaceX starship innovation can be distributed more equitably? 3. Will you personally benefit or realistically be impacted (directly and indirectly) from the SpaceX starship technological innovation? Using headings, organize your paper with the following subsection titles:  Assessment of Pro’s vs. Con’s (reflection question #1)  Distribution of Benefits (reflection question #2)  Personal Impact (reflection question #3)  Reference List Use separate paragraphs for different ideas/concepts. Include a ‘Reference List’ after your paper with each source of information you included in your paper. For both in-text referencing and your Reference List, use APA-style referencing.

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SpaceX starship
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